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  • Brandon Kunka

2023/24 All-State Results!

Backbeat Lessons is proud to have TWELVE students make the All-State Bands this year! Congratulations to the following students for their hard work!

Martin Khegay, 8th grade, Riverwatch MS - 5th chair Murphy Band

Rhys Lane, 8th grade, Dean Rusk MS - 6th chair Koperniak Band

Aiden Kim, 8th grade, Riverwatch MS - 8th chair Murphy Band

Abby Deladisma, 8th grade, South Forsyth MS - 8th chair Koperniak Band

Sean Pau, 10th grade, South Forsyth HS - 1st chair Stewart Band

Charlotte Lee, 9th grade, Lambert HS - 2nd chair Stewart Band

Elise Deladisma, 10th grade, Lambert HS - 6th chair Seda Band

Anh Ho, 11th grade, Collins Hill HS - 1st chair Hartenberger Band

Cole Martin, 12th grade, Milton HS - 2nd chair Hartenberger Band

Alex Burton, 12th grade, Milton HS - 2nd Chair Kehler Band

Shirin Sathe, 12th grade, Lambert HS - 4th Chair Hartenberger Band

Jude Lee, 11th grade, South Forsyth HS - 7th chair Hartenberger Band


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