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Bring your vision to life.

With decades of experience in music performance and composition, Backbeat Studios has in-depth knowledge about creating your perfect recording.

Backbeat Studios offers a broadly equipped studio, consultation for arrangement and instrumentation, and hands-on recording and mixing. Contact us for more details - we'd love to hear more about what you do!

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Interested in recording here?

Explore the gear you have at your disposal.



‘03 G&L Tribute L-2500 5-String

’04 Fender American Jazz Bass



’95 Fender Lone Star Stratocaster HSS with upgraded pickups (Humbucker has coil-tap switch)

’97 Gibson Les Paul Classic Premium Plus with Lollar humbuckers (coil tap switches)

’98 Gibson Les Paul Studio Gem Series with Tyson Tone p90 pickups

’02 Fender Thinline Telecaster (humbuckers)

Fender Telecaster with Esquire neck (overwound single coils, 4-way pickup selector)

‘12 Martin DC160-GTE Ovangkol Acoustic/Electric

‘00 Alvarez Acoustic/Electric

12-String Ovation Acoustic/Electric


’64 Rogers Holiday Maple 20-12-14

’72 Rogers Powertone Maple


’98 Tama Rockstar Custom Basswood/Mahogany


Snare Drums

’64 Rogers 5x14 Powertone Maple

’72 Rogers 5x14 Powertone COB

’98 6.5x14 Tama Rockstar Custom Basswood/Mahogany

6.5x14 Yamaha Steel

6.5x14 Ludwig COB

6x14 Global Drum Company Stavewood

6x10 Pearl Popcorn Snare

Concert Percussion

Yamaha YM5100 5 Octave Rosewood Marimba

Yamaha YM3710 Gold Bar Vibraphone

Yamaha Acoustalon Xylophone

Zildjian Crotales (2 octaves)

Ludwig Balanced Action Timpani (23"/26"/29"/32")

PBlack Swamp Multisonic 6.5x14 Snare Drum

Pearl Philharmonic Aluminum 5x14 Snare Drum

Pearl Philharmonic 2.5x13 Pancake Drum



14” Zildjian A New Beats

14” Zildjian A Custom Mastersound

14” Zildjian K Prototype

13” Zildjian K Prototype


22” Zildjian K Custom Dry Light Ride

22” Bosphorous Turk Series Sizzle

21” Bosphorous New Orleans Series

21” Zildjian K Custom Organic Ride

20” Zildjian K Heavy Ride


19” Zildjian K Dark Thin Crash

19” Zildjian Prototype Special Dry Crash

18” Zildjian K Sweet Crash

18” Zildjian A Armand Thin Crash

18” Zildjian A Custom ReZo Crash

17” Zildjian A Custom ReZo Crash

14” Zildjian A Custom Fast Crash


18” Wuhan China

14” Zildjian A Custom EFX

14” Wuhan China

13” Zildjian Oriental China

8” Supernatural Splash (x2)

Equipment & Amps

Computer / Interface


Pro Tools Recording Rig

32 ins/16 outs

4 cue mixes

Logic Production Suite


Audio Technica 4051 (x2)

Audix D1

Audix D2 (x2)

Audix D4

Audix D6

Heil PR22

Neumann TLM 193 (x2)

Rode NT5

Sennheiser E835 (x3)

Sennheiser MD-421 II

Shure Beta 52

Shure Beta 56

Shure Beta 57

Shure Beta 58

Shure Beta 87

Shure Beta 91

Shure SM7B

Shure SM57 (x3)

Shure SM58

 Shure SM81 (x2)

Studio Projects B1 (x3)


’77 Marshall JMP Head

Orange AD30 Head

Ashdown Peacemaker 60 Head

Ashdown 4x12 cab

Egnater 1x12 cab

Ashdown ABM500 Bass Head

Ashdown ABM 2x10 cab

Ashdown ABM 1x15 cab

’65 Ampeg B15 Fliptop bass head/cab


Looking to bring your music to life on stage?

Have a listen!

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