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From lessons to studio productions, original compositions to performances, this is where music lives.


Meet Brandon

With decades of experience in every corner of the music industry, founder Brandon Kunka is a celebrated composer, an outstanding performer, and a beloved teacher.


Calling all students!

Whether you are interested in learning concert percussion, drum set, guitar, bass, or music composition, Backbeat Lessons can help get you started or take you to the next level. All skill levels welcome!


Interested in bringing your own musical vision to life?

Explore the wide range of resources at your disposal with a fully equipped recording studio!


Bring Brandon's skill and experience to your stage.

Having played with Grammy-winning artists such as Evanescence and Sarah McLachlan, as well as having years of experience on percussion, guitar, and bass, Brandon is a versatile asset to any project.


"My child is a great percussionist, but Mr. Kunka was able to take him to the next level and all the way to Principal Percussionist in All-State. If your child is serious about percussion, I would strongly recommend private lessons with Mr. Kunka.  Not only did my son improve tremendously, he also enjoyed his lessons and very much looked forward to it. Mr. Kunka truly cares about his students. He is also extremely professional to work with. You won’t regret your decision.  Mr. Kunka is the best of the best."


—  Bonny, Parent

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